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Race Horse vs Homebred Thoroughbred – Which is Easier to Train?

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Watch this video interview with Kerry Blackmer being interviewed by Steuart Pittman. They are involved in the Retired Racehorse Training Project. There is some good information about the difference between homebreds vs. ex-race horses.

Days 84-90 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

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90 Day Progress report

• Extremely well behaved in all aspects of daily interaction from de worming to under saddle
• Balking has disappeared
• No problem with impulsion
• Rearing was not an issue and no signs of rearing present
• Ear sensitivity has disappeared
• Head shyness has disappeared
• Girthy behavior has disappeared
• Polite and patient on cross ties
• Stands quietly for bathing
• No snacking on grass while working for handler
• Trailer loads and hauls politely
• Tolerates lifting tail and taking temp
• No problem cleaning sheath
• Absolutely no threats of biting or kicking
• Halter broke-comes to be caught even in a large pasture, puts head enthusiastically in halter, tips nose towards handler, lowers head, ties patiently, ground ties patiently, can be lead anywhere and light on end of lead
• Enthusiastically accepts bit during bridling
• Rides in haltermore (no bit)
• Yields to less than 4 oz of pressure
• Responds to slightest cue from handler in round pen (I just look in the direction I want him to travel)
• Feeding manners are excellent
• De worms without halter or lead
• Rain no longer bothers him
• Comfortable with 24/7 turnout
• Noticeably more free movement from shoulder
• Increased flexibility
• Still tight in hindend, but improved
• Does not travel with nose in the air anymore or hollow back-still needs improvement
• Responds to pre cues such as cluck (trot), kiss (canter), whoa
• Absolutely loves the trails and has never spooked, bucked, or bolted
• Tolerates the hunting dogs on the trail and in his pasture
• Bending improved
• Backing softly
• Takes correct leads
• Free jumps 3’ with tons of scope and room to spare, nice tightly tucked knees, ears always alert and forward
• Turns on haunches and front end
• Beginning to side pass at walk
• Will open gate with rider in saddle

Retraining Thoroughbreds – OTTBs

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These pages are dedicated to retraining off-track-Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) for dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper and pleasure. OTTBs are kind, sensitive animals who want to bond and please their humans.