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Days 91-97 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

If it ain’t raining, you ain’t training. This is an old military saying that echoes in my ears when it rains from my time on active duty (Army). It was very applicable to this week’s training. It seemed every time I tacked up Phil and started some warm up ground work the sky would just…

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Days 70-76 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

Phil is back in training. To regain some lost conditioning from the past 2 weeks I have gone back to the round pen. Remember the round pen is not used to chase your horse around in circles to exercise him. I think up creative ways to move Phil’s feet right, left, back, forward, sideways. Phil was…

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Days 63-69 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

Week of June 8th-June 14th – Is your horse loving on you or is he dominating you? At the show last weekend I witnessed a horse rubbing his head on his handler. I over heard the handler comment that her horse was “loving” on her. This is an all too common scenario. When I first met…

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Day 28 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal – First Ride

Catching your horse. Since Phil comes in to eat he comes to me and I halter, lead, and release him a minimum of twice daily. When I catch Phil I have actually taught him to catch me. The last thing I want to do is walk to the end of a 5 acre pasture to catch…

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