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Days 98-104 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

It’s time to de worm once again. I asked Phil to lower his head and tip his nose towards me. I let him smell the de wormer (Yum, fruit flavor) and I gently inserted the syringe into the corner of his mouth. Ta-Da! De worming complete…using no halter, no lead and Phil was in his…

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Days 91-97 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

If it ain’t raining, you ain’t training. This is an old military saying that echoes in my ears when it rains from my time on active duty (Army). It was very applicable to this week’s training. It seemed every time I tacked up Phil and started some warm up ground work the sky would just…

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Days 84-90 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

90 Day Progress report • Extremely well behaved in all aspects of daily interaction from de worming to under saddle • Balking has disappeared • No problem with impulsion • Rearing was not an issue and no signs of rearing present • Ear sensitivity has disappeared • Head shyness has disappeared • Girthy behavior has…

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Days 77-83 – Phil’s Courage’s Journal

Training Tidbit. I work a lot with lateral flexion. Since I do not school everyday under saddle I incorporate flexion into my daily routine. I have made it a habit to ask for lateral flexion every time I halter. If Phil is stiff, I grab hold of mane near his withers to keep tension until he…

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